About Appen

Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. With over 20 years of experience, expertise in more than 180 languages, and access to a global crowd of over 400,000, Appen partners with leading technology companies to enhance their machine learning-based products.

The Hunt for Human Speech Data

With voice activated devices launching weekly, one might think that we’re reaching a tipping point in the use of speech recognition technologies. However, a recent Bloomberg article argues that while speech recognition has made great strides in recent years, the technology has not yet reached a point where it would replace how most consumers currently interact with their devices. Consumers have embraced the concept of voice activated devices with enthusiasm, but the actual experience has room for improvement. What is holding the technology back? […]

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How many ways can you spell a word?

Here’s a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts here at Appen: spelling standardization. If you’re providing training data to a computer system to produce machine translation, speech recognition, or a computer voice, it’s important to spell each word the same way every time it comes up (otherwise, you’re watering down your training data and the language model gets confused). […]

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5 Overlooked Search Engine Issues that Steal Your Sales

People who use your on-site search are demonstrating their intent to purchase. They are looking for something specific, and expect relevant results when using search. Is your search able to deliver? In working with a variety of eCommerce companies using different types of search platforms, we’ve seen some key issues that your current analytics tools may not be telling you about. […]

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Top Takeaways from AI World

Last week, the Appen team attended the inaugural AI World Conference & Expo in San Francisco, where over 2000 attendees from a variety of industries convened to hear from business leaders who are using Artificial Intelligence to drive growth for their companies. According to the conference organizers, “more than 55% of our attendees came from global 2000 organizations and heard from innovation leaders from more than 100 companies including Google, General Electric, Nielsen, McKinsey, Schlumberger, Facebook, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, NTT, IBM, SRI and Baidu.” […]

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How Appen Struck Gold in Language Services

Language services and technology company Appen announced on October 4, 2016 the acquisition of UK-based transcription provider Mendip Media Group (MMG) for an undisclosed sum. Appen is headquartered in Sydney, listed on the Australian stockmarket ASX and has the bulk of its client base in the United States. […]

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The holidays are coming.  Is your on-site search ready?

A recent study reveals that on-site search is key to engaging with your customers once they reach your site.  According to the survey results, 73% are likely to leave a retail site that doesn’t provide good search results, and 37% said they are not likely to return. […]

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Level 6, 9 Help Street Chatswood, NSW 2067 Tel + 61 2 9468 6300 Fax + 61 2 9468 6311 www.appen.com.au https://www.linkedin.com/company/appen ASX ANNOUNCEMENT 4th October 2016 APPEN ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC UK ACQUISITION Appen Limited today announced that it has acquired Mendip Media Group Limited (“MMG”) to enhance the provision of language services to government clients by the Language Resources division. […]

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Appen eCommerce Team to Exhibit at Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit 2016

Appen’s eCommerce team is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at Shop.org’s signature event, Retail’s Digital Summit, September 26-28 in Dallas, Texas. Stop by and visit our team at booth #7087 and let the experts show you how to convert your visitors into buyers. […]

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Appen to Exhibit at INTERSPEECH 2016 in San Francisco

Contact: Rachael Pappas, Appen rpappas@appen.com Language Technology Service Provider Appen Announces New Enterprise Data Analysis Platform and Sponsors Student Scholar Sydney, Australia – September 7, 2016: Appen is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the INTERSPEECH 2016 Conference in San Francisco, California, September 9 – 12 in Booth #1. Appen will be presenting its new enterprise data analysis platform, Appen Global. […]

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Appen to Exhibit at SIGIR 2016

Appen, your machine learning partner, is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting July 17th through the 21st at the 39th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval in Pisa, Italy. We love this show for it brings together some of the top Data Scientists and Machine Learning minds to collaborate on advances in web, social and eCommerce search. […]

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