The County of Riverside is the fourth largest county in California.  It maintains a workforce of over 18,000 employees, in over 50 departments and agencies.  It has an internal human resources staff of 200, and a talent pool of 100,000.


Historically, the county has struggled with various .pdf newsletters and traditional email blasts for both internal and external communication.


The County is utilizing Kontribune for three different and specific applications. One Kontribune site is for internal use among 300 human resources staff to engage and collaborate on department news. Another Kontribune site provides engagement for county staff members on wellness, safety, educational support and training. The third Kontribune site focuses on employee wellness for approximately 13,000 county wellness plan members, providing healthy living tips, articles and videos on reducing stress, and ways to increase work/life balance.

In the past we have struggled with how to actively engage and communicate with such a large audience with a .pdf newsletter. Kontribune solves that problem, making it easy for us to quickly post information, pictures and videos.

– Robin M. Downs, Human Resources Division Manager – Talent Management at Riverside County