How Structured Data Leads to Higher Ad Revenue [Case Study]

A leading search engine provider’s bottom line depended on one thing – clicks. If their ads weren’t performing, neither was the company. […]

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Data is Key: Takeaways from LocWorld China

Danny Duan, VP of China Business Development, and Willa Lin, Senior Project Manager for Appen’s Language Resources team, recently attended LocWorld in Shenzhen, China. LocWorld, one of the leading conferences for translation, localization, and global website management, presented a range of sessions and speakers focusing on high-value information in the language marketplace. […]

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Appen Live on the ASX on January 7, 2015

Julie Vonwiller and Lisa Braden-Harder ring the bell. Appen was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (APX on ASX) on January 7. This is a wonderful milestone in our history. Back in the 1990s most startups launched from garages with small, isolated teams but for Appen the path was two kitchens on far-flung shores. Julie Vonwiller and I both saw at the dawn of the internet, tools that could bridge distances and connect like-minded people towards empowering cultures with language technology. Appen was always powered by strong research roots and roll-up-your-sleeves partnering with technology teams. The company grew steadily benefiting from the injection of strong financial and business know-how, first coming from Chris Vonwiller and later Anacacia Captial, Bill Pulver and Mark Byrne. As we move into the public space we want to thank two exiting board members for their past service, Julie and Jon Shein. Julie has contributed to the company in leading roles for nearly 20 years from founder to the board always bringing her strong background in linguistics. Jonny provided a strong financial background and a deep belief in the importance of employees which we will miss as well. We are a unique company powered by awesome teamwork. Many pizza-powered companies of the 1990s have come and gone with waves of new technology but we are still growing and still taking the latest technology to global markets. Lisa Braden-Harder CEO

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Appen Named Finalist in Technology Category of Australian Growth Awards

Appen was named a finalist in the technology category of the 2014 Australian Growth Company of the Year Awards held October 16, 2014. Fellow category finalists were Pty Ltd, AussieCommerce Group, and Redbubble Pty Ltd. The submissions were assessed by an independent judging panel and the awards recognise the achievements of the country's fastest growing businesses in the mid-market. Head of the Corporate Group at Sparke Helmore, Nick Humphrey, said: 'I was impressed by the quality of the submissions this year. They definitely show that Australian businesses in the mid-market space are growing, innovative and sustainable. It was very hard for the judging panel to decide the finalists, who are fantastic examples of the qualities these awards celebrate. We congratulate the finalists and wish them the best of luck for the awards night.'

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Appen Partners with One Million for Work Flexibility

Appen is proud to partner with One Million for Workplace Flexibility, an organization seeking to promote the concept of flexible jobs. As part of Appen's partnership, we are pleased to participate in a joint webinar on October 30. To learn more about workplace flexibility, or to register for the webinar, click here.

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Dropbox Publishes Case Study Featuring Appen

Appen is proud to have been recently featured in a case study published by Dropbox, entitled "Appen Revolutionizes Language Technology With Help From Dropbox for Business." Following is an excerpt: "No matter where Appen staff members are stationed around the world, or what devices they use, Dropbox for Business keeps them connected. Norris says, "Dropbox for Business is so reliably robust. I've been in the technology industry since the 1990s, and it's startling to find a product that claims to do these things and then really does just work." Even when Appen employees are in locations with slow — or no — Internet access, Dropbox sync doesn't falter. Auto-resuming transfer technology ensures that files get fully synced. As Norris explains, "When the Internet connection goes down and comes back up, Dropbox notices and just resumes syncing right where it left off." To read the entire case study, click here.

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The Features Appen for Companies Hiring in June!

The WorkBuzz The WorkBuzz has featured Appen in its recent listing of great companies hiring in June! Appen has frequent openings for flexible, interesting work-at-home opportunities. To learn more, click here. To join Appen's Talent Network, click here.

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Appen Featured in CareerBuilder’s Blog for Companies Hiring in June!

Great news! Appen has been featured in CareerBuilder's blog. The story is a roundup of great companies hiring in June. Appen appears number one on the list, and features its flexible work-from-home opportunities. To read the whole story, click here. To view Appen's career page on CareerBuilder, click here.

By | June 3rd, 2014|Press, Uncategorized|0 Comments Recommended by in Article on Social Media Moderation Appen's social media moderation platform,, was recommended by ZDNet in an article on social media moderation platforms. The article centered around the recent problems US Airways had in connection to an accidental customer service Tweet it sent which contained a pornographic image. To read the entire story, click here. Social Instinct is a social media moderation platform that leading brands choose to help protect their online social media communities from inappropriate language and images. To learn more about Social Instinct, click here.

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Appen Social Instinct Hosts June Webinars for Social Media Moderation Platform

Want to learn why the world's leading brands trust Social Instinct to moderate their social media presence? Appen Social Instinct  is pleased to announce two June webinars to demo its multilingual social media platform. Join us on June 4 or 5 at 10am PST.  Ideal for brands, advertising agencies and gaming companies, Social Instinct helps keep online communities free from spam and inappropriate content. Interested in learning more about Social Instinct? Click here to contact us.  

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