Connect + Empower Communities Worldwide



To empower every culture with language and search technology.


To bring together the best of human intelligence and technology to accelerate global technology solutions, bridging gaps between people and communities  with our network of language and culture specialists in over 150 languages, deep linguistic expertise and strong project management.


  • Quality – Commit to quality
  • Integrity – Approach every relationship with integrity
  • Respect – Respect everyone and every culture
  • Diversity – Embrace diversity
  • Teamwork – Be a team player
  • Agility – Be agile
  • Creativity – Be creative
  • Communication – Communicate effectively and with positive intent
  • Accountability – Be accountable for your actions and your work
  • Life balance – Take good care of yourself and do your best work


With employees worldwide, we understand that our responsibility as a global citizen begins with our own people and extends to communities around the world. Our sustained investment in responsible business practices takes many forms—from ethical governance to our company value of integrity, our commitment to global diversity and our programs for giving back to our communities. We continuously strive to make a positive impact by extending technology globally to connect and empower communities.