Corporate Social Responsibility

Appen's Team Grows Their Mos for Movember!

Appen’s Team Grows Their Mos for Movember!

Appen Corporate Social Responsibility

Appen believes in giving back to our global community. Over the years, Appen’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has organized fundraisers to various causes including:

Appen Helping Haiti.

In 2010, in response to the Haitian earthquake, Appen partnered with Microsoft on an emergency effort to develop and tune a machine translation system that translated English into Haitian Creole. This effort quickly enabled aid workers and foreign companies to bridge the language gap and be much more efficient in bringing emergency disaster relief to Haiti.
Appen employees, consultants, and their friends spent hours providing human translations, sourcing and evaluating sources for parallel corpora (text that is translated from English into Haitian Creole or vice versa, which is used for training the machine translation system) all free of charge. Appen was honored to donate its time and services to this effort. You can read more about it on the Microsoft Research blog.