Recommended by in Article on Social Media Moderation Appen's social media moderation platform,, was recommended by ZDNet in an article on social media moderation platforms. The article centered around the recent problems US Airways had in connection to an accidental customer service Tweet it sent which contained a pornographic image. To read the entire story, click here. Social Instinct is a social media moderation platform that leading brands choose to help protect their online social media communities from inappropriate language and images. To learn more about Social Instinct, click here.

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Appen Social Instinct Hosts June Webinars for Social Media Moderation Platform

Want to learn why the world's leading brands trust Social Instinct to moderate their social media presence? Appen Social Instinct  is pleased to announce two June webinars to demo its multilingual social media platform. Join us on June 4 or 5 at 10am PST.  Ideal for brands, advertising agencies and gaming companies, Social Instinct helps keep online communities free from spam and inappropriate content. Interested in learning more about Social Instinct? Click here to contact us.  

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