Appen Named a Top 100 Company to Watch for Telecommuting Jobs in 2016

Appen is ranked #77 among the top 100 of companies hiring telecommuters in 2016 […]

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How to Write Great Rating Guidelines

6 Steps to High Quality Objective Data By Ben Christensen & Carla Haces Human evaluation is a key factor in improving web search, eCommerce search, and social media relevance algorithms. Humans are simply better than computers at managing subjectivity, understanding intent, and coping with ambiguity. But human evaluation comes with a risk: the very subjectivity we rely on humans for can also lead to inconsistent data. How to mitigate this? With great rating guidelines. Clearly-written guidelines can harness the subjective power of the human brain and transform it into objective data that can in turn be used to train computers to better understand that most important human of all—the end user. A set of guidelines is a document containing instructions on using a given tool, or completing a given task. It can be very brief (a few pages) or as long as a book. This will depend on the complexity of the task, and the background of the evaluators. Guidelines are often written for non-technical (or semi-technical) individuals. It is very important that the wording used is clear, simple to understand, concise and overall effective in communicating the message without being overly technical, complex or redundant. Be brief but detailed. […]

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