Appen Gears Up for Big Presence at this Year’s Interspeech

We’re excited to announce Phil Hall, Senior VP of the Language Resource Division and Luca Rognoni, Linguistic Product Manager, will be presenting research on speech recognition, speaker comparisons, and Pashto speech data at Interspeech August 20-24 at the University of Stockholm in Sweden (read the presentation abstracts below). Dr. Dorota Iskra, Appen VP of Business Development Europe, will be participating on the Young Female Researchers in Speech Science & Technology (YFRSW) senior panel where she’ll speak about her own research and experience as a woman in the speech community. […]

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Data Protection for Video Evidence

Body Worn Cameras (BWC) and the video evidence they provide has been a game changer for the Criminal Justice System in the UK. Highly charged situations can affect a person’s ability to recall events with certainty, and the camera is proving to be a reliable impartial witness. […]

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Empowering a Community and Enabling Linguistic Research

Through a partnership with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL), our team of linguists works with researchers at several universities across Australia. We use our technical and linguistic skills to further their research and community projects. Many of us are former academics so we love being able to bridge the two worlds of academia and industry. […]

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