Appen Gears Up for Big Presence at this Year’s Interspeech

We’re excited to announce Phil Hall, Senior VP of the Language Resource Division and Luca Rognoni, Linguistic Product Manager, will be presenting research on speech recognition, speaker comparisons, and Pashto speech data at Interspeech August 20-24 at the University of Stockholm in Sweden (read the presentation abstracts below). Dr. Dorota Iskra, Appen VP of Business Development Europe, will be participating on the Young Female Researchers in Speech Science & Technology (YFRSW) senior panel where she’ll speak about her own research and experience as a woman in the speech community. […]

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Data Protection for Video Evidence

Body Worn Cameras (BWC) and the video evidence they provide has been a game changer for the Criminal Justice System in the UK. Highly charged situations can affect a person’s ability to recall events with certainty, and the camera is proving to be a reliable impartial witness. […]

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Empowering a Community and Enabling Linguistic Research

Through a partnership with the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (CoEDL), our team of linguists works with researchers at several universities across Australia. We use our technical and linguistic skills to further their research and community projects. Many of us are former academics so we love being able to bridge the two worlds of academia and industry. […]

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AI Requires a Human Touch: How Appen Recruits Crowds to Improve Technology

Kerri Reynolds knows a thing or two about hiring. As Appen’s new Senior Vice President of Human Resources (HR) and Crowdsourcing, she’s been a professional talent acquisition recruiter for 20 years for Fortune 500 companies including Citibank, MasterCard and Microsoft. […]

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Entering the Asian Market: Appen Opens Office in China

“Appen embodies the artisan spirit in China. We pay attention to every little detail.” Danny Duan, VP of China Business Development, joined Appen in January 2017 as we opened our office in Beijing. We recently talked to Danny about AI trends in China, the reasons for expanding into the Chinese market, and the value we’re delivering to local clients. […]

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Appen Welcomes Sarah Lowe as New Vice President in the UK

Level 6, 9 Help Street Chatswood, NSW 2067 Tel + 61 2 9468 6300 Fax + 61 2 9468 6311 July 3, 2017 Appen Welcomes Sarah Lowe as New Vice President in the UK Appen has strengthened its UK business with the appointment of Sarah Lowe as the new Vice President of Language Resources UK. […]

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Delivering a Superior Customer Experience with Data

The Appen team recently exhibited at the Chief Data Officer Summit in San Francisco. The Summit concentrated on data as a strategic business asset. Senior level professionals gathered to discuss innovations in the data realm and how to develop data to deliver a better product. […]

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Embracing New Opportunities in the Automotive Industry: Appen Establishes Detroit Office

Just after New Year’s Day 2017, Appen embarked on a new venture: officially establishing an office in Detroit, Michigan. This new location has allowed us to better support our growing list of clients in the Motor City. Just as voice recognition technology has become a standard feature in new cars and trucks, there has been a parallel demand from customers for a better in-car voice experience. […]

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Appen’s Growth Fueled by Tech Trends and Executive Leadership [Article]

“Search and social media relevance has underpinned the growth of the Appen,” says CEO, Mark Brayan. The company’s growth trajectory has kept pace with a flourishing tech industry. […]

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Appen CEO, Mark Brayan, on AI’s Role in ecommerce

We recently grabbed some time with our CEO, Mark Brayan, to get his thoughts about artificial intelligence, machine learning and the high-quality data they both rely on. We also discussed some of the ways we’re seeing businesses—particularly eCommerce companies—put these new technologies to work. […]

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