Data Analytics and Natural Language Processing


Data Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Buried in the vast amount of user-generated data is a wealth of intelligence that can be mined and used to make smart decisions. Increasingly, data analytics solutions are helping businesses to intelligently collect, listen to, and analyze that data to gain relevant and actionable insights. Data analytics providers rely on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to power those solutions.

At Appen, we provide the language and cultural expertise to support your data analytics solution as you expand into new markets and domains. Our project managers can help define and document requirements and specifications; recruit, train, and supervise the right resources, in a specific language and/or domain for the project; and manage the timeline and budget. Our worldwide pool of linguists and native speaker consultants can help you annotate the data you need to train your Machine Learning system, or create the resources – word lists, tagged corpora – to support your NLP components.

Our project managers are passionate about the data analytics space and love to partner with solution providers to tackle the challenges of developing, tuning, and evaluating the solutions, including the underlying linguistic components. We will work with you to find smart solutions for accelerating the expansion of your technology into new markets and domains.

Sentiment Analysis
Appen can provide skilled crowds to evaluate sentiment in text data to power your sentiment detection system.

Entities, Relations, Events
We have annotators skilled at marking up text to train information extraction systems, to recognize items such as named entities, relations, and events. We are flexible enough to work to your guidelines and specifications, or to help you design the ideal data markup to train your system.

Text data annotation for NLP
Our expertise extends to traditional NLP components such as part-of-speech tagging, tokenization, and treebanks.

Customized linguistic consultation
Appen can also provide expert linguists or language specialists in more than 150 languages to work directly with your team, to provide the language-specific insights or developments you need. Or we can provide you with detailed and actionable linguistic analysis of the languages you are targeting.

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