Text + Audio Annotation


Appen annotates text, speech, and diverse audio data to suit customer needs. Annotated data enables richer, more valuable, and more directly usable applications.

Examples of recent projects include the following:

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Tagging gestures and facial expressions in video
  • Part-of-speech and other morphological tagging of corpora and lexicons
  • Tagging of words that are profane, sensitive, neologistic or misspelled
  • Syntactic and dependency tree-banking, including the identification of co-reference
  • Semantic annotation of text, including named-entity identification for search, sentiment analysis, and data-mining applications
  • Transcription and time-stamping of speech data, including transcription of pronunciation and intonation
  • Identification of language, dialect, and speaker demographics
  • Tagging of glass breaks, gunshots, and aggressive speech for security and emergency hotline applications

Many customers leverage our deep linguistic knowledge to provide or assist with specification authoring before annotation begins.Transcribed speech, part-of-speech lexicons, and other annotated data are also available as part of our off-the-shelf resources.