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Translation and Localization Services

As a global leader in speech and search technology services, we work closely with nine of the top ten global technology companies to help develop, maintain and globalize their search engines, eCommerce and social platforms, and voice recognition systems.

Appen’s Translation and Localization services are uniquely positioned to draw upon this expertise and help you develop the right solution for your business. From translating product descriptions and user reviews, to localizing speech interfaces for virtual assistants and bots, we can help you scale to new markets more quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of Appen’s vast experience from helping build the Microsoft and Skype Translator engines to customize the ideal machine translation engine for you.

We work at scale, calling on a skilled crowd of over 400k translators, linguists and skilled bilinguals in 180 languages. This breadth of capability allows us to develop solutions tailored to your budget and objectives. If speed is your main priority, our crowd delivers affordable solutions in a timely manner. If quality is the main goal, our teams of professional translators and linguists are on hand to provide the top quality Appen’s reputation has been built upon.

Traditional translation services are also available for documents, software, websites and more. Take advantage of our deep language experience to make your content as relevant as possible for audiences all around the world.

Specialists in MT services

Machine Translation has well and truly moved from the fringes to center stage. Appen can help you customize your engines with a range of services from domain-specific training and test sets, post-editing, MT evaluation and linguistic services – rule development, keywords, profanity list production and localization.

Strong on eCommerce, Search and Speech

Appen’s deep capability in these core areas allows us to develop unique and agile translation solutions for eCommerce, search, and clients working with any kind of human-machine interface.

Leaders in long tail languages and crowdsourcing

As new markets are sought, the challenges increase – which languages,and where will the translators and data come from to train the MT engines? Or maybe you are working in the military or disaster relief domains. Our long history working with low resource languages means we have a specialized crowd of 400k+ skilled bilinguals, translators and annotators in 180 languages on hand to help you.

Data collection experts

The key to translating ever-increasing amounts of content is automation. But MT engines need a lot of data, and even more as we move into the brave new world of Neural Machine Translation. Appen has vast experience in collecting data, and can create monolingual and parallel corpora in formal or natural language, text or speech. Or you can license an existing database from our catalog.

Voice User Interface specialists

Appen is a leader in the development of voice recognition systems and the localization of dialogue interfaces for automotive, entertainment, navigation, chat and personal digital assistants.

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