Geo/Local Entity Verification


Individuals rely heavily on smartphones and other mobile devices to find information on the Internet about local businesses.. While in transit, customers can search for local businesses by name or category, and they expect to receive accurate information. Incorrect information, such as an address, phone number, website, or hours of business, can create a great deal of frustration for someone driving around town looking for a specific business. If our client is unable to provide current and accurate data, users will lose trust in the client’s product.

We offer in-market evaluators, who validate the accuracy of the local business data and correct the provided data when necessary. Some projects require calling businesses to verify the data, while other projects rely solely on web research validation. Using in-market evaluators increases the likelihood of validation through phone verification because they speak the native language. Additionally, in-market evaluators provide the local knowledge and expertise to determine whether the businesses in question have closed, moved, or changed names. Through a variety of projects geared toward local entity verification, our clients have seen a significant improvement in the accuracy of the results that they are providing to customers across the world.