Query Relevance


Query relevance evaluation is vital to clients looking to improve the search experience for their users. Natural language queries require a human evaluation element to interpret the query, assess the user intent, and ensure that relevant and useful results are returned to the user. Even a query as seemingly simple as the word “blue” could be looking for any of the following: a description or picture of the color, a television show, a credit card, a misspelling of an electronic cigarette brand, or a rap artist. By analyzing what the most likely user intent is and returning valid and appropriate results in the correct order of relevance, we encourage a relationship whereby the user will return again and again to our client’s search engine.

Appen utilizes an established global network of local experts who have the language and cultural knowledge necessary to best interpret queries from users in their region. Our evaluators work with tools and processes that have been established for over five years and that are constantly being updated to allow for the most efficient analysis of queries and intents. Our management team on these programs continuously strives to further our collaboration with our clients and advance and evolve the programs to provide ever more accurate results.