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In an effort to be the best in their industry, our clients find new and innovative features in various areas such as media, retail, ads, and news. In consulting with clients, we find that they are facing issues like proof-of-concept experiments and data collection which require clear guidelines, a data annotation platform, and quality metrics. Although we recognize that every client is unique and each project can present a unique set of challenges, our years of human evaluation experience enable us to provide our clients with solid direction and solutions.

We offer a variety of services to help our clients be successful. Our services include developing user guidelines, identifying the correct platform for their experiment, assisting in the creation and development of the user interface, as well as identifying, measuring, and reporting on key quality metrics. After conducting an overview of the project, Appen may employ best practices, crowdsourcing, dedicated evaluators, or a combination of these to make recommendations for the project. In the end, we strive to offer clients a customized solution that will lead to the best data for their needs.