Spam Detection Evaluation


Search engines experience ongoing difficulty in identifying the use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, both “white hat” and “black hat.” Spam detection and junk removal go a long way toward improving the search experience for the user as they eliminate poor-quality results and enable the user to avoid pages that the search engine has ranked favorably because SEO techniques have artificially inflated results. This in turn leads to a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Spam detection has also helped our clients identify the presence of malware, which enables them to work with webmasters to provide a safer search experience for users.

Appen uses local experts, fluent in the market’s language, to provide the most accurate assessments of the presence of spam techniques and junk pages. Assessments are based on a continuum, which enables clients to determine for themselves the acceptable levels of certain techniques. Some of the common types of SEO techniques that we identify are keyword and URL stuffing, machine-generated content, link manipulation, hidden text, cloaking, and stolen content. Evaluators include those with SEO and webmaster backgrounds, and all of our spam-detection team members are web and tech savvy. Evaluators must pass a rigorous qualification test and take part in active discussions of techniques used in spam, both by location and across markets.