Whole Page Evaluation

In an environment where people expect faster, more accurate, relevant search results, whole-page evaluation helps ensure that a search engine results page (SERP) returns the most relevant and accurate answers, along with the effective captions that today’s users demand. Since a SERP is one of the first interactions that a user has with a site, a poor experience can contribute to the user’s dissatisfaction with your company, which can drive away business. Appen assists its clients in improving the user experience by generating accurate results.

An analysis of the whole page covers multiple page components, including answers, captions (the title, snippets, and links), related searches, and entity information. Appen’s evaluators determine user intent, as well as the accuracy of the presented results and the user’s satisfaction with them, to assess the user experience. Additionally, with processes and tools in place, Appen offers identification of incorrect content in addition to editorial fixes, which further enhances the user experience.