Community Engagement Platform


Kontribune, Appen’s community engagement platform, helps you update, educate and align employees to your company’s purpose and goals, while also encouraging their contributions. When employees receive consistent and compelling communications and experience that their voice matters, their participation increases and they are better equipped and more willing to advocate on behalf of the company.

Kontribune is an easy-to-use, interactive, web-based social publishing tool that allows communities of all types and sizes to communicate and engage online.

Kontribune offers:

  • Easy Article Creation. It’s easy to create articles in Kontribune with a text-editor, and simple linking to outside web sites.
  • Rich Media. Kontribune provides tools for including images and videos in your publication.
  • Small IT Footprint. Kontribune is easy to configure and set up on your network.
  • Monitoring and Moderation. With Kontribune, you can set your own permission levels to control 100% of what gets published.
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Integration for social amplification. Kontribune lets you amplify your stories through auto-posting to any Facebook wall, Twitter feed, or LinkedIn profile.

To learn more about Kontribune, click here.