Multilingual Social Media Moderation + Management


Because millions of eyes on a social media channel at any given time, the speed at which brands respond to negative content has become more and more important. We believe that creating vibrant, safe, and engaged user communities is critical to the success of any organization. Our proprietary social moderation platform that allows social media teams to spend less time on moderation, so they can focus on engaging consumers, nourishing communities, and creating more positive connections. A cloud-based platform, Social Instinct allows for the moderation and management of user-generated content across various social media channels in over 150+ languages, to provide brands with a complete, cross-cultural and global solution.

Social Instinct offers:

  • Custom analytics and reporting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Dictionaries in 150+ languages
  • 24/7 automated moderation
  • Integrates with other solutions

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