Case Study

A leading search engine provider’s bottom line depended on one thing – clicks. If their ads weren’t performing, neither was the company.

The search engine relied on algorithms supported by an in-house team. This team needed to serve the best possible ads to its visitors. In order to do that, though, they needed in-market evaluators to optimize ad performance – and they needed them in multiple international markets.

So the search engine provider brought in Appen to enhance their ad relevance.

What did Appen do?
• Reviewed, verified, cleaned and labeled the data
• Assigned ad ratings based on a 5-point scale to ensure consistency
• Optimized ad relevance for the search engine provider’s international markets

The results were strong. The search engine provider was able to:
• Measure ad relevance for specific queries over time
• Analyze root causes of irrelevant ads
• Boost performance and the bottom line, thanks to an increase in clicks

To read the full case study and learn how Appen improves ad relevance through structured data, click here.