Humans + Technology = Awesomeboostefficiency

When you are looking to expand to new markets, in-house teams are costly and require much of your leadership’s valuable time and attention—especially when the talent is located all over the world. Companies with the ability to mobilize specialized teams who can work in various cultural contexts benefit from a pool of ideas and solutions; optimize internal resources; and can enter markets faster, with greater precision.

Appen’s expert sourcing model provides a virtual team of annotators who use human judgment to increase search relevance. It means community managers who understand local behaviors and etiquette. It’s multilingual data collectors. It’s project managers who are skilled in initiating projects and troubleshooting. It provides technology platforms that help all these professionals work and interact more efficiently to get the job done.

Appen’s expert sourcing model brings together agile, fully screened, in-country and virtual team implementations—a workforce that understands your customer, company culture, and technology deeply.