The Al Journey assessment is designed to level-set your organization in your Al journey, with practical guidance on how to get to the next stage.


Take this Assessment to:

  • Understand where the AI industry as a whole is on their journey.
  • Learn where your organization stands in comparison to the AI industry benchmark.
  • Uncover what steps you can take to advance your Al initiatives.

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How AI Journey is Calculated:

When building the AI Journey tool, several key factors are considered, including:


  • AI criticality to the business
  • Investment in AI
  • Executive visibility and participation
  • Corporate sophistication

Based on where companies landed in the sliding scale of the above categories, this led to four key stages of AI maturity for organizations. An organization's individual AI Journey Score can be used to compare to the overall industry benchmark as well as give teams and organizations more grounding on their place in the journey to becoming an AI-first company.

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