Case Study

Appen’s Expertise Ensures eCommerce Retailer’s Scalability

Leading eCommerce Retailer Accelerates Feature Testing and Improves eCommerce Site Search Solutions


The Situation

A global eCommerce retailer wanted to improves its eCommerce site search solutions and needed support for one-time evaluation projects. These projects would often come without warning, leaving the company without time to plan and taking away from their ongoing site search evaluation work.

The Solution

The eCommerce company turned to Appen for several reasons:
• Our years of project management experience
• Access to thousands of qualified raters with expertise in search relevance, social media and eCommerce site search solutions and evaluation
• Appen’s proprietary project management tool – Appen Global – that facilitates evaluation

The Results

Thanks to partnering with Appen, the eCommerce company was able to:
• Scale faster than it could when relying solely on internal resources
• Evaluate website changes within just a few days
• Accommodate one-time projects while focusing on ongoing site search solutions and evaluation work, without losing quality