Quality Control Measures in Data Collection Critical in Market Expansion

Quality Control Measures in Data Collection Critical in Market Expansion  [Case Study]

Leading Search Engine Expands Internationally with Vendor-neutral Quality Analysts


The Situation

A leading multilingual search engine provider wanted to build out its search engine across 25 markets, but it realized it didn’t have the in-house quality control measures in data collection and expertise to provide consistent feedback to all its vendors. It needed a vendor neutral team of quality analysts who would keep the evaluators across all vendors in sync.

The Solution

The search engine provider turned to Appen because of our proven expertise in quality management. Appen provided a team of quality analysts by identifying its strongest, most experienced evaluators who had demonstrated strong communication, objectivity and critical thinking skills.

The Results

Thanks to the team of quality analysts, the search engine provider significantly improved reliability of its search results in 25 new markets. The quality of data was refined, even though data came from multiple vendors. Because all vendors received targeted feedback with the same standards, quality was raised across the board and the client received consistent performance.