Appen featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Appen featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Appen CEO Mark Brayan explains the role human-annotated data plays in today’s AI initiatives in an episode of World Business with Kathy Ireland.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide opportunities for eCommerce retailers to differentiate themselves with improved site search and “always on” customer service. Appen plays an important role in helping to train these systems by providing high-quality, human-annotated data. Brayan explains, “Artificial intelligence is any system that mimics human thought. The more human examples the system gets, the better it performs. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence in which the machine learns from consuming all of its data. That data that the machine learns from has to be collected, prepared and delivered into the technology, and that’s where Appen comes in. For 21 years, we’ve been collecting speech data, as well as data for search and social media. We’ve worked in over 130 countries and collected data in nearly 200 different languages around the world — so you can say that we’ve been fueling the growth of artificial intelligence.”

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