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Remote Jobs Are The Way Of The Future. Here’s Why

Do you dream of creating a life where you’re able to work from anywhere? We have good news: you might be closer than you think. Not only are we seeing a huge increase in remote jobs and flexible jobs online, but some experts claim that working from home (or wherever you choose) is the way of the future.

More companies are expanding their remote workforce than ever before. These companies are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees a more flexible schedule, and the future looks bright. Here are five compelling arguments that remote work is the way of the future:

1. Long-term trends predict that remote work will increase

Recent surveys and studies show that work from home jobs are on the rise. FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics partnered to present the 2017 State of Telecommuting. The report found that telecommuting had gone up 115% in the last 10 years. And since it’s now easier than ever to work from home, it’s all but guaranteed that the number will continue to rise.

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2. It’s more affordable for both employers and employees

One of the reasons employers are ready to allow their employees to work remotely is because of the lower fixed costs per employee. Setting up a highly equipped office space costs a lot of money, so setting up virtual offices instead is beneficial to the bottom line.

Of course, working from home can also save an employee a lot of money. The cost of commuting, buying a work wardrobe, and spending money on lunch and snacks every day really adds up. It’s typically much more affordable to set up a small home office or even work from a local coffee shop.

3. Remote work does not eliminate the possibility of team bonding and a traditional company culture

One benefit of working at an office every day is the company culture you create. Friendships and good rapport are formed with your co-workers, leading to a happier team. But creating that culture is still possible when employees work remotely.

Apps like Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts make real-time meetings possible, and some companies host annual retreats or get-togethers that allow everyone to meet in person. Even creating email chains where people can converse freely will help create that sense of closeness.

4. Working remotely is possible in more industries than you might think

Years ago, working from home was only possible for a few select professions, such as writing and medical transcription. These days, you’ll find flexible jobs in c