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Want to Build a Better Computer Vision System? Give it the Right Training Data.

For a company to build a comprehensive dataset of annotated images takes considerable time and resources. Outsourcing the data collection and annotation efforts can help companies scale quickly.

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How AI Is Driving Innovation In eCommerce And Retail

Companies across a range of industries are adopting machine learning technologies — and as early adopters, eCommerce and retail companies have seen the biggest wins from investing in machine learning. By applying artificial intelligence to key business problems, eCommerce companies are using machine learning models to drive higher sales, predict demand, and personalize the shopping experience through more relevant search …

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Machine Learning is Here to Stay

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution—a world where artificial intelligence (AI) drives today’s technological disruption, blurring the lines between tangible and digital realities. Companies continue to shift toward AI and machine learning (ML) processes, and business leaders are quickly realizing the potential gains from investing in them. These gains include faster, smarter automation, predictive analytics, and new-and-improved ways to establish …

How top financial services companies transform their business with AI

In 2018, the financial services industry is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to drive greater speed and accuracy across business processes. Using AI and machine learning technology, financial services companies are reducing risk, managing fraud, optimizing investment strategies, improving operational efficiency, and delivering more personalized customer service, at scale. Why is the financial industry seeing so much benefit …

How a Leading Software Provider Optimized its Global eCommerce Funnel

A Top-10 Multinational Software Company + Appen A leading software provider needed to understand and improve its eCommerce purchasing path in multiple international markets. They partnered with Appen to design and conduct a usability study in key markets, in multiple languages. The Situation Understanding the nuances of the customer journey and evaluating the effectiveness of an eCommerce transaction funnel can …

Investing in AI: The Time is Now

According to industry research firm TechEmergence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will have the single most radical, transformational impact on business and society. AI is driving the fourth industrial revolution or 4IR—the newest industrial era, which is characterized by emerging technological disruption and increasingly blurred lines between the physical and digital worlds. Organizations are rapidly exploring the business gains that can …

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Adoption by Industry

Machine Learning Adoption by Industry: A Q&A with Stephen Woodard

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become a greater part of the business landscape, it’s interesting to see how different vertical industries are putting it to use. How does healthcare compare to the technology sector? Do geography and location play a role? To answer some of these questions, I caught up with our own Stephen Woodard from our business development …

AI in the Retail Industry: Where Should You Invest?

Where Retailers Should Invest in AI

Several weeks ago, we shared a detailed report from the McKinsey Global Institute that analyzes hundreds of use cases for artificial intelligence (AI), and provides a perspective on how firms across a variety of industries can most benefit from this exciting technology. One area featured in the report is AI in the retail industry. According to the research highlights, use …

Why data governance is vital for AI and ML

Why Data Governance is Vital for AI and ML

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a prime example that highlights why the quality and quantity of data are both critical for successful machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.

Key Considerations When Getting Started With Machine Learning

Key Considerations When Getting Started With Machine Learning

When implementing any strategic initiative, it’s important for organizations to build a considered plan upfront taking in a number of variables. This principle certainly holds true in the fast emerging areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).