Dream Vacations Made Easier: How Airbnb Delivers on Hospitality with World Class AI 

AI continues to advance rapidly, but still faces hard challenges when it comes to real-world applications. The right data partner can provide thorough and unbiased data to prevent the misunderstandings leading to churn at this stage of the customer journey.

Join us for the first session of our new series, Bound to Succeed: AI Tech Talk with Wilson Pang. Host, Appen Chief Technology Officer, Wilson Pang will discuss the challenges of AI in hospitality and how to overcome them with guest, Airbnb.

In this session we will:

  • Uncover challenges and gaps in applying advanced AI in customer support products.
  • Identify why AI models sometimes fail and how we build AI models and systems to overcome the challenges.
  • Discuss the problem of users lacking trust in bots and how rephrase, questions mining, and question answer models are employed to mitigate trust issues.
  • Explore the long tail problem of ontology and how to overcome it with AI ontology mining.
  • Showcase how large-scale pre-training and transfer learning are utilized to overcome multi-lingual challenges and make our models more adaptive to the travel domain.

Learn how modern AI models, training schemes and training data acquisition techniques or even product design can be reshaped to achieve more successes in real world applications.

Don’t miss out on what’s bound to be an enlightening conversation!

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