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Automotive Industry Expertise

We bring the most cost-effective, highest ROI approach to train your AI models with the most diverse, scalable labeling options across data types, languages and dialects, and security demands. You choose the level of service and security you want, from white-glove managed service to flexible self-service.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • 15+ years of automotive industry experience with a local Detroit presence

  • Cutting-edge LiDAR, PLSS, and computer vision ML-assisted tools

  • We work with seven of the 10 top auto companies and tier 1 suppliers

  • Supporting both in-vehicle conditions and autonomous vehicle developments

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In the next ten years, the auto industry will undergo a profound transformation: the cars it builds, the companies that build them, and the consumers who buy them will all look significantly different.

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Technology Driving Innovation


The Appen Difference


Higher Quality

Quality assurance peer review workflows, continuous testing and auditing, and a highly-skilled, managed crowd collect and labell your data


Greater Speed & Scale

AI assisted capabilities like one-click annotation, object tracking with linear interpolation, auto-adjusting cuboids, and more


Comprehensive Toolkit

Multiview point cloud and camera data rendering within an easy to use tool interface that supports custom labels/ontologies


Global Expertise

Specialized team based in Detroit, MI to accelerate your product development and testing workflows

Capabilities Overview

We offer a full suite of multimodal computer vision annotation tools, as well as in-cabin vehicle collection, and NLP annotation services to help with your automotive projects. Our world class machine learning assisted annotation tools combine the best of human and machine intelligence to ensure high accuracy and scalability.


Data Collection

  • Audio collection in-car, in-studio, and in real world scenarios
  • Image, text, and video collection


  • Object classification

  • Image annotation including semantic segmentation



  • Object and event tracking

  • Video classification

3D Point Cloud

  • Object annotation

  • Object tracking

  • Sensor fusion and united annotation

Speech and Language

  • Audio segmentation

  • Audio transcription


Top Use Cases for Automotive AI


Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles need to understand large volumes of data, such as identifying a tree or pedestrian, listening for commands, assessing outside changes to the environment, and then feed that back into the car’s AI.


Voice and Speech Recognition

Connected cars that are trained on large-scale speech data collection can provide customers around the world with the best in-car infotainment experience.


Understanding and Predicting Behavior

Connected cars, using advances in voice recognition, LiDAR, and cameras, need to have the ability to identify user intent, as well as their words—so they can tell when users are happy or frustrated, and respond accordingly.


Single Data Collection and Annotation Pipeline

Automotive teams can leverage our full suite of multimodal computer vision annotation tools, as well as in-cabin vehicle collection, and NLP annotation services and combine them in an automated process with workflows within the Appen platform to:

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Break complex projects down into simple jobs, then automatically route data between the jobs using configurable routing rules
String multiple jobs or models together in a branching or linear configuration
Leverage machine learning in workflows to offset costs and expedite project completion