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For machine learning-based solutions and systems to work effectively, the algorithms that support them need training data to ensure they are optimized. But not just any data – high quality, human-annotated data. Humans are simply better than computers at managing subjectivity, understanding intent, and coping with ambiguity.

Our global, curated crowd and Appen Global platform allow you to efficiently gather millions of large, high quality datasets and samples in your desired time frame so you can quickly train your machine learning model.

Our secure facilities are ISO 27001 certified and our operation is ISO 9001 accredited so you can rest assured your data will remain protected and quality controlled.

We help you enhance the following solutions

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

    Improve customer interactions with Automatic Speech Recognition systems by training them to better understand human language.

  • Fraud Detection

    Increase fraud detection rates, reduce false positives and minimize losses through systems built with high-quality data sets.

  • Risk Management Models

    Use human insight to improve the quality of the data used in your machine learning-based risk model.

  • Semantic Search

    Improve your semantic search capabilities with training data that provides user intent and context.

  • Text-to-Speech

    Improve customer interactions with TTS systems that are fluent in every language.

  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

    Train your virtual assistant or chatbot to better understand and respond to human interaction, driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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