Our Customers Experience a 3x Deployment Rate

Healthcare Industry Expertise

AI in healthcare requires the most cost-effective, highest ROI approach to train AI models. We provide the most diverse, scalable labeling options across data types, languages and dialects, and security demands. Choose the level of service and security you want, from white-glove managed service to flexible self-service.

  • On-prem and cloud deployment options

  • Medical research, radiology, digital surgery, hearing aids, and general healthcare data expertise

  • PII data capability: ISO 27001 certified secure facilities, ISO 9001 accredited operations

  • Guaranteed quality for mission-critical use cases

Appen is proud to offer a certified U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) solution using the secure Appen HIPAA environment and HIPAA compliant channel partners to process protected health information. 

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In 2020, AI-powered predictive healthcare networks are helping to reduce wait times, improve staff workflows, and take on the ever-growing administrative burden.

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The Appen Difference


Higher Quality

Quality assurance peer review workflows, continuous testing and auditing, and our highly-skilled managed crowd collectand label your data.


Greater Speed & Scale

AI assisted capabilities like computer vision, named-entity recognition, intent classification, information extraction for NLP, model validation and retraining, query-result relevance, and more.


Security-First Solutions

Healthcare companies trust us to handle and provide secure services for their data needs. Our secure facilities are ISO 27001 certified and our operation is ISO 9001 accredited so your data will remain protected and quality controlled.


Ethical AI

One million people all over the world enable you to build unbiased AI, and our Crowd Code of Ethics, built on a foundation of fair pay, inclusion, and privacy and confidentiality, is key to our crowd well-being.

Top Use Cases for Healthcare

Capitalize on secure data services and build world-class AI that improves patient care while reducing healthcare costs. Preserve patient confidentiality while training AI that saves lives.


Automatic Speech Recognition

Improve customer interactions with automatic speech recognition systems by training them to better understand human language.


Medical Imaging

Diagnose health issues more quickly and with higher degrees of accuracy.

Semantic Search

Improve your semantic search capabilities with training data that provides user intent and context.


Improve customer interactions with TTS systems that are fluent in every language.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Train your virtual assistant or chatbot to better understand and respond to human interaction, driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Single Data Collection and Annotation Pipeline

Healthcare companies can leverage our full suite of multimodal collection and annotation tools and combine them in an automated process with workflows within the Appen Platform to:

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Break complex projects down into simple jobs, then automatically route data between the jobs using configurable routing rules
String multiple jobs or models together in a branching or linear configuration
Leverage machine learning in workflows to offset costs and expedite project completion