There’s tremendous opportunity to improve company performance and create a better patient experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How we help

Are you getting the high-quality datasets and secure data services you need to meet your machine learning needs and protect patient confidentiality and privacy?

Appen develops training data to support AI initiatives. We provide a range of services including annotation, collection and secure transcription to support your machine learning and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Our secure facilities are ISO 27001 certified and our operation is ISO 9001 accredited so you can rest assured your data will remain protected and quality controlled.

We help you enhance the following solutions

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

    Improve customer interactions with Automatic Speech Recognition systems by training them to better understand human language.

  • Medical Imaging

    Diagnose health issues more quickly and with higher degrees of accuracy.

  • Semantic Search

    Improve your semantic search capabilities with training data that provides user intent and context.

  • Text-to-Speech

    Improve customer interactions with TTS systems that are fluent in every language.

  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

    Train your virtual assistant or chatbot to better understand and respond to human interaction, driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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