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Retail Industry Expertise

We offer the most cost-effective, highest ROI approach to train AI models. We provide the most diverse, scalable labeling options across data types, languages and dialects, and security demands. Choose the level of service and security you want, from white-glove managed service to flexible self-service.

  • 7+ years industry expertise

  • Work with leading eCommerce companies

  • Deep expertise in use cases including search relevance, personalization, chatbot training, and more

Intelligent automation is making the biggest impact in demand forecasting, supply chain planning, and customer engagement.

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The Appen Difference

Higher Quality

Quality assurance peer review workflows, continuous testing and auditing, and our highly-skilled managed crowd collectand label your data

Greater Speed & Scale

AI assisted capabilities like computer vision, named-entity recognition, intent classification, information extraction for NLP, model validation and retraining, query-result relevance, and more

Global Expertise

Access a global crowd of over one million, with support for 180 languages and dialects, combined with our global multilingual in-house experts

Ethical AI

One million people all over the world enable you to build unbiased AI, and our Crowd Code of Ethics, built on a foundation of fair pay, inclusion, and privacy and confidentiality, is key to our crowd well-being

Customers Running World-Class AI

Delivering Confidence for your AI Projects

Our ADAP platform and skilled project management capabilities use multiple quality control methods and mechanisms to meet and exceed quality standards for training data.
Our platform and services are purpose- built to handle large scale data collection and annotation projects, on demand. Our platform's built-in MLA optimizes throughput and with deep expertise,  planning,  and recruiting to meet a variety of use cases, we can quickly ramp up new projects in new markets.
With a crowd of over one million skilled contributors operating in 170+ countries and 235+ languages and dialects, we can confidently collect, and label the high volumes of images, text, speech, audio and video data needed to build and improve AI systems.
We provide multiple secure platform and service offerings, secure, remote and on-site contributors, on-premises solutions, secure data access offerings and ISO 27001/ ISO 9001 accredited secure facilities.

Top Use Cases for Retail Companies

Turn more shoppers into buyers with highly relevant search results and better customer service enabled by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Improve customer interactions with automatic speech recognition systems by training them to better understand human language.

Computer Vision

Develop computer vision solutions that recognize images and video as well as humans do with high-quality, human annotated data.

Data Analytics

Use our services to build robust data analytics systems more quickly.


Increase conversion and customer loyalty with high-quality data for product categorization, on-site search and more.

Machine Translation

Drive higher customer satisfaction with automatic translation capabilities that are highly accurate.

Semantic Search

Improve your semantic search capabilities with training data that provides user intent and context.

Social Media Analytics

Build social media analytics solutions that deliver more meaningful patterns and deeper insights.


Improve customer interactions with TTS systems that are fluent in every language.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Train your virtual assistant or chatbot to better understand and respond to human interaction, driving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Single Data Collection and Annotation Pipeline

Retail companies can leverage our full suite of multimodal collection and annotation tools and combine them in an automated process with workflows within the Appen Platform to:

Break complex projects down into simple jobs, then automatically route data between the jobs using configurable routing rules
String multiple jobs or models together in a branching or linear configuration
Leverage machine learning in workflows to offset costs and expedite project completion

Secure Data Access

Data security requirements are met for customers working with personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and other sophisticated compliance needs.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data

Secure Crowd

We offer a suite of secure service offerings with flexible options to ensure data security via secure facilities, secure remote workers, and onsite services to meet specific business­ needs.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data

Secure Facilities

We have sites in multiple geographies to support projects with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data, as well as the right people, policies, and processes in place for a range of security levels, up to government level certification.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data

Secure Workspace

With our ISO 27001 accredited remote Secure Workspace solution, our global crowd can work on your sensitive projects remotely, without having to access a physical secure facility. This allows the diversity of our remote crowd to reduce bias and support multiple languages even through global disruptions.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data