Staying Safe Online: How to Recognize a Fake Job Offer

The internet is vast and there are millions of people online at any given moment. Most are online to work, shop, or browse. Unfortunately, there are also countless bad actors using the internet to take advantage of the unsuspecting. To help combat this growing issue, we’ve gathered some helpful tips below you can use to ensure you don’t fall prey to fraudulent job postings and scams popping up everywhere.

Check spelling and grammar

One dead giveaway of a potential scam is poor spelling and/or grammar, as well as an unprofessional writing style. If sentences don’t have punctuation or capitalization, or if the spelling is consistently wrong, consider these warning signs.

Required compensation

If someone posing as a recruiter asks for compensation of any kind, this is a major red flag. According to Indeed, no legitimate company requires you to pay to work for them. This includes paying a fee for equipment or registration, buying gift cards, etc. You should never have to pay for a job opportunity!

Vague company information

Fraudulent job listings are often missing important information, such as organizational information. If you can’t learn more about a potential employer through an internet search, or if the results don’t seem credible, you may want to consider applying elsewhere.

Email address doesn’t match company name

Many scammers make up fake email addresses when contacting people online. If the email doesn’t match the company name, is generic, or was created using a free service like Gmail or Yahoo, be cautious. You may be corresponding with someone who isn’t from the company they claim to represent.

They ask for an interview via chat or text

You should be skeptical of interviews if you can’t see or speak to the recruiter. Text messaging or messaging apps are an easy way for scammers to reach large amounts of people to find potential targets. Legitimate interviews should utilize a video or phone call, so you know you are speaking to someone from the company for which you’re interviewing.

We hope this information helps you safely navigate your online job search! Interested in remote work for a legitimate company? We’ve got you covered there too:




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