AWS Partnership

We partner with Amazon Web Services to make ML work in the real world for AWS customers



Our Partnership With AWS

We’re proud to bring our AI training data expertise to Amazon Web Services as part of their partner network. As an inaugural member of AWS's machine learning competency, we look forward to making machine learning work in the real world for AWS customers. From EC2 to RedShift and S3, we’ve long benefitted from the AWS ecosystem at Appen, and we’re thrilled to bring our unique ability to provide high-quality AI training data at scale to their growing network.

AWS Finance and Insurance Sector

We’re also proud to be a member of AWS’s Financial Competency network. We provide a wide array of financial institutions with the scalability and security they require for their unique data needs. Whether it’s keeping transaction models up to date and preventing data drift, analyzing businesses and categorizing their attributes, training OCR models on financial documents, our solution can handle it all. Our robust human-in-the-loop machine learning platform handles the confidential and highly sensitive data that our finance and insurance customers rely upon.

Fast Track Your AI/ML Projects With AWS and Provectus

Together, we work with AWS and Provectus to get you to an AI-first mindset and get you on the path to AI/ML success.

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