Algorithmia Partnership

We partner with Algorithmia to help develop, deploy, and continuously refine AI



Our Partnership With Algorithmia

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Algorithmia, a machine learning model deployment and management solution. Customers can now transform their business by building models using high quality annotated training data and seamlessly deploying models faster and more frequently. With Appen and Algorithmia, accelerate the time to value to reap the real business benefits for your enterprise.  

Developing, Deploying, and Continuously Refining

Algorithmia makes it easy to deploy models as scalable services, regardless of framework, language, or data source. Customers are empowered to manage their ML lifecycles on any infrastructure, with tools to catalog, evaluate, serve, and govern.  The AI Layer is an abstraction layer that connects models, hardware, and applications.

Even with the explosion of ML applications, a very small percentage of ML projects make it to production. Deploying AI solutions isn’t easy, and companies are struggling to see tangible business results. As models get more complex, it only gets harder. Algorithmia and Appen make it simple to tackle any bumps in the project roadmap. Appen provides high quality annotated training data that is constantly refreshed to evaluate and retrain models, solving both quality and scalability issues. Algorithmia helps connect models, hardware, and applications to reduce deployment friction, decrease serving costs and deliver models rapidly. Together, Appen and Algorithmia ensure ML teams are successful building and moving models to production rapidly, delivering real business value.

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