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Our Partnership With

We are excited to announce our partnership with to help ML teams accelerate the time from research to production. With customers are able to manage, scale and accelerate AI and data science development from research to production. Together, Appen and ensure ML teams succeed in building and moving high performing models to production and unlock business value.

Ensuring AI/ML project success is a full-stack data science platform that helps enterprises and data science teams manage, build and automate machine learning pipelines from research to production. 

Many data scientist’s end up spending a lot of their time on non-data science tasks adding complexities and delays to production. Additionally, models require a lot of quality and relevant training data to ensure high performance and results. By the time models are finally available, they may already be obsolete and irrelevant. ML teams get stuck in a continuous improvement cycle constantly trying to improve the model resulting in prolonged deployment and additional downtime. Appen and are purposely built for ML teams to accelerate time from research to production. With's full-stack data science platform and Appen's high-quality annotated training data, data science teams are able to close the feedback loop and produce the highest performing models with zero downtime. 


If you'd like to learn more about what our partnership can do for you, please reach out.

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