Meet your unique data collection needs with our wide range of data types, collection methodologies and delivery models. 

Image and Video Data Collection

Boost your data collection capabilities for machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer vision solutions.

Using our tools contributors can annotate images and add ontologies accordingly, training computers how to differentiate between items and prices in an image.

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

When using publicly available data is not sufficient, our project managers provide ample datasets specific to your requirements to ensure your model is extensively trained with the right examples so that your model can react appropriately to real world scenarios.

What You Get

  • High-quality data that meets your specific requirements
  • Multi-platform data collection methods thanks to our mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as our platform
  • Fast and scalable crowd recruitment from a global pool of over 1M people
  • Peace of mind knowing all data is collected ethically and in line with regulatory requirements


Speech Data Collection

Build the best natural language processing, understanding, and automatic speech recognition solutions with human-annotated speech data in over 235 languages and dialects.

Our data collection team has access to over 235 languages and a variety of recording methods to suit your projects.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Access large volumes of high-quality language data (recordings, transcription, annotation, localization) to ensure your model can accurately understand and successfully respond to human speech in a variety of languages, dialects, environments and contexts.

What You Get

Our speech data collection services offer you:

  • Detailed linguistic and cultural research
  • Crowdsourcing of native speakers for moderated or unsupervised recordings, local or remote
  • Scalable utterance collection through our iOS and Android app
  • Centralized on-site recordings in a wide range of acoustic environments
  • A variety of different speech collection types including telephone, embedded device, single/multi-speaker, prompt variation and other resources
  • Quality assurance and project management


Text Data Collection

Collect millions of high-quality text data samples to scale your solutions globally

Our text utterance collection tool with smart validators check for language, duplicates and coherence to make sure only high quality utterances are captured.

Chatbots, Sentiment Analysis, & More

Partner with our experts to collect text data specific to domain, language and locale in a wide variety of settings enabling you to build robust NLP systems and expand into new geographic markets.

What You Get

  • Text data collection in any field, including business listings, music titles, artist names, abbreviations and acronyms, food, transportation, computing, or geographical locations.
  • Natural language text data from a range of user demographics and domains.
  • Access to our Machine Learning assisted technology with built-in quality controls which increase the speed and quality at which utterances can be collected.