Scale Your AI Initiatives Quickly with High-Quality, Customized Data

Whether you are training a model to work for a very particular use case, or are unable to find sufficient open-source data to train your model, we can help provide the high-quality structured or unstructured data you need to kick off your AI project. Choose from our bespoke Data Collection services or browse our extensive catalog of pre-labeled datasets for a variety of common AI use cases.


Data Collection

Achieve your unique data collection needs with our wide range of data types, collection methodologies and delivery models.

Benefits of Our Data Collection Services Include:

  • 25 years of experience of end-to-end managed services covering collection design, data QA, and annotation.
  • Ability to collect a wide variety of data types including images, videos, text, speech and audio.
  • A range of collection methodologies and tools including remote, in-facility and simulated environments.
  • Access to over 235 languages and dialects with all data collected according to global legal standards.
  • Fair compensation for Contributors in accordance with our Fair Pay policy and our Crowd Code of Ethics.

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Collect all sorts of data types from our global crowd via our iOS/Android app or SaaS platform.


Pre-Labeled Datasets

While open data or public datasets are convenient, they may not be sufficient to train your model. We offer an extensive catalog of 250+ licensable, pre-labeled datasets across 80 languages and multiple dialects for a variety of common AI use cases - and our catalog is always growing. Pre-labeled datasets allow you to skip the data collection phase and jumpstart your AI projects.


Speed of Access

Available immediately to support your AI/ML projects today



Reduce risks of custom data collection projects which may go over deadline and budget, pre-labeled datasets are standard and reliable.



Over 25 years of data collection experience, trusted by the world’s leading companies


Support All Data Types

Image, video, speech, audio and text



Provide the right amount of data to train your models effectively



Improve quality and minimize bias in your AI models

Synthetic Data

Leverage our data products and expertise to artificially generate hard-to-find data to enhance model coverage and performance. Contact Us for more details.

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