Why Appen?

Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. With over 20 years of experience, expertise in more than 180 languages, and access to a crowd of over 1 million worldwide, Appen partners with global companies to enhance their machine learning-based products.

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Appen Training Data Solution Unveils Feature Enhancements to Accelerate Customers’ AI Initiatives

Humans and Technology Working Together Enable Better AI Results SYDNEY — Aug. 20, 2019 — Appen Limited, the leading provider of datasets used by companies and governments to train AI systems quickly and at scale, today introduced feature updates for its AI training data solution designed to accelerate customers’ artificial intelligence initiatives. The Appen platform – already the most comprehensive …

How to Develop a Training Data Strategy for Machine Learning

It’s well-known that the quantity and quality of training data for any given artificial intelligence (AI) project are two of the most crucial factors for that project’s success. Insufficient or poor training data can result in an unreliable system that reaches the wrong conclusions, makes poor decisions, can’t handle real-world variation, and introduces or perpetuates bias, among other problems. It’s …

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Data Annotation Project

For many organizations, the temptation to annotate data for machine learning (ML) projects in-house is hard to deny. These companies typically feel that using internal resources will help them save time and money by tapping employees who are already on their payroll. Additionally, if their project is highly confidential or of a sensitive nature, they might feel that using internal …

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