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With over 20 years in the industry, Appen has worked with leaders in the technology industry to collect the high-quality data needed to improve their solutions. With access to an experienced crowd of over 1 million people worldwide, and a team of experienced project managers, we can quickly scale your data collection efforts.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Data Annotation Project

For many organizations, the temptation to annotate data for machine learning (ML) projects in-house is hard to deny. These companies typically feel that using internal resources will help them save time and money by tapping employees who are already on their payroll. Additionally, if their project is highly confidential or of a sensitive nature, they might feel that using internal …

Quality Control Measures in Data Collection | Appen Case Study

Quality Control Measures in Data Collection Critical in Market Expansion  [Case Study]

A leading search engine provider didn’t have the expertise to expand to 25 new markets. Appen provided vendor-neutral analysts to reach their targets.

Data protection for video evidence

Data Protection for Video Evidence

Body Worn Cameras and the video evidence they provide has been a game changer, and data protection is key to pushing it even further.

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