Achieve world-class quality for your multi language-based systems and machine learning solutions with help from Appen’s expert linguists. Our team can help you meet and exceed your expectations with consulting services, custom lexicons, and word lists to ensure the accuracy of your speech and text-based systems. We can also assist you with linguistic rules in multiple languages and dialects to improve the accuracy of your language-based technology solutions.

Language Technology QA

Develop high quality language-based solutions to meet your customers’ needs

Use case

Customer solutions based on natural language processing and conversational understanding require a high level of linguistic expertise in their development phase. It’s important to correctly evaluate the output of such a system prior to launch in order to achieve quality and ensure the expectations of your users will be met. Many organizations don’t have linguistic expertise on staff. This makes partnering with a third-party expert – like Appen – vital for conducting project assessments so you can launch your solution with confidence.

Our approach

Engage Appen to help your language-based solution succeed. Our expert linguists can work directly with your team to evaluate your solution, based on industry standard quality metrics. No matter what the nature of your language-based system, our team can help you get your solution market-ready with detailed recommendations for improvement.

Lexicons and Word Lists

Optimize the performance of your speech recognition and natural language processing systems

Use case

Depending on the type of natural language solution you are building, it’s often important to apply a rich lexicon of words to train your system. By doing so, the system will be able to recognize offensive words, sentiment bearing words, or other keywords that provide the right context for the system to understand. Lexicons can help your system correctly pronounce words for greater accuracy when interacting with your customers.

Our approach

Appen’s team of lexicographers can build customized pronunciation lexicons and specialized word lists for almost any language or dialect you require. Work with our experienced linguists, and we’ll help you build a more robust speech recognition or natural-language processing system. In some cases, lexicons can be developed for your solution based on existing licensable corpora to reduce cost and accelerate delivery.

Linguistic Consulting

Take your solutions to market on a global scale

Use case

Organizations tend to identify several target markets for a global language-based solution, but often lack the resources to ensure it’s correctly localized for those markets. The priority must be ensuring any solution can be easily adopted by the target country audience. To do that, you need the expertise of skilled linguists who can provide the guidance needed to localize your solution.

Our approach

Work with Appen’s team of expert linguists to ensure your technology platform or solution works optimally for your target languages. We can ensure your language rules are correctly adapted for your solution and market, while customizing a consulting engagement with you based on your business needs.

Linguistic Rule Development

Ensure your multi-language technology solutions deliver a great customer experience

Use case

Whether you are working on a sentiment analysis solution, an Interactive Voice Response system, or another platform that relies on recognizing speech or text, you need to create linguistic rules so the solution responds correctly in the language of your customers. It’s these localized ‘rules’ which recognize meaningful units in language, enabling your solution to work effectively in any of your target markets.

Our approach

Appen’s expert linguists can work with your team to understand your unique objectives and help you develop the appropriate linguistic rules and grammars that will improve the accuracy of your language technology solutions, and support the needs of your target users or customers.

Why Appen?

With deep expertise in more than 180 languages and access to a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors, Appen partners with technology, automotive, financial services, and eCommerce companies—as well as governments worldwide—to help them develop, enhance, and use solutions that rely on natural language processing and machine learning.

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