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With over 20 years in the industry, we work with multiple clients to improve personalization on their sites for users worldwide. Our experienced project managers work directly with your team to understand your objectives, and assemble a crowd that can deliver high-quality data to you quickly and efficiently.

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How AI Is Driving Innovation In eCommerce And Retail

Companies across a range of industries are adopting machine learning technologies — and as early adopters, eCommerce and retail companies have seen the biggest wins from investing in machine learning. By applying artificial intelligence to key business problems, eCommerce companies are using machine learning models to drive higher sales, predict demand, and personalize the shopping experience through more relevant search …

How a Leading Software Provider Optimized its Global eCommerce Funnel

A Top-10 Multinational Software Company + Appen A leading software provider needed to understand and improve its eCommerce purchasing path in multiple international markets. They partnered with Appen to design and conduct a usability study in key markets, in multiple languages. The Situation Understanding the nuances of the customer journey and evaluating the effectiveness of an eCommerce transaction funnel can …

How LinkedIn Uses AI to Optimize the User Experience

Insights from AI NextCon 2018: How LinkedIn Uses AI to Optimize the User Experience

When it comes to building its AI platform, the LinkedIn team’s goal has been to make end-to-end machine learning easy, fast, robust and automatic.

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