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With over 20 years in the industry, we work with multiple clients to improve personalization on their sites for users worldwide. Our experienced project managers work directly with your team to understand your objectives, and assemble a crowd that can deliver high quality data to you quickly and efficiently.

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Deep Learning in the Enterprise Insights from AI Expo 2017

Insights from AI Expo 2017: Deep Learning in the Enterprise

I recently attended a keynote session at the AI Expo 2017 called “The Application of Deep Learning within an Enterprise”, a panel featuring speakers across a variety of industries.  The executives on the panel highlighted a wide variety of use cases for machine learning in their organizations, beyond what one would expect. For example, Vadim Kutsyy, Distinguished Architect, Data Science from …

AI Requires a Human Touch_Appen Crowdsourcing_Crowd Sourced Data

AI Requires a Human Touch: How Appen Recruits Crowds to Improve Technology

Kerri Reynolds, Sr. VP of Human Resources and Crowdsourcing, shares insights into crowdsourcing and crowd recruiting.

Securing resources to improve relevance score of news items in social news feed

Delivering Personalization to a Global Market [Case Study]

Consumers want more relevant content. Appen helped a company improve the personalization of its news feed and deliver to their global user base.

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