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Pinpoint areas of improvement to drive higher retention and enhance search results for users all over the world

  • Search Result Evaluation

    The core function of search engines is to provide accurate and relevant results. We offer customized programs designed to improve your overall search relevance. Our services range from evaluating specific search result queries to entire pages, and can also include multimedia, maps, and news functions.

  • Whole Page Evaluation

    Providing your users the best experience begins with the search engine results page (SERP). By conducting a whole page analysis, our evaluators determine user intent and how well your page satisfies each query. You’ll also discover how your search engine’s captions, answers, and related searches stack up against the competitive landscape of the SERP. In addition, we can recommend editorial fixes to help ensure the accuracy of your content across different markets.

  • Side-by-Side Evaluation

    Search engine and social media algorithms frequently update in order to create more optimal user experiences. Side-by-side evaluations take the form of a blind test in which updates to the machine learning model are compared against competitors’ existing models in a blind test and ranked for accuracy of each query. With side-by-side ranking and annotating, search providers can be confident in rolling out new updates.

  • Caption Evaluation

    Captions on the search engine results page (SERP) offer users key clues on which links are most relevant to their searches. Typically, the first interaction with a web result will be through the caption, followed by how well the result matches the caption on the SERP. In fact, almost 35% of search traffic does not result in a click, meaning that users often find what they are looking for directly from a caption. Our evaluation optimizes captions for both the query and the result, offering insight into areas of improvement for better search relevance.

  • Autocorrect & Spell Check Evaluation

    Autocorrect and spell check are ubiquitous components of search engines, but it’s important to ensure that the results of these complex processes are correct across all languages. Our multilingual teams of evaluators provide important human feedback to the machine learning algorithms to ensure that autocorrect and spell check functions provide the correct results for users worldwide.

  • Multimedia Search Evaluation

    Search engines perform inherently well with providing text-based results from text-based queries, but pairing accurate multimedia results from text queries becomes significantly more complex. The subtle nuances of each image, audio, and video piece require the expertise of our in-market evaluators who leverage their cultural background to identify the best results for each query.

  • Junk Detection

    Evaluating search results for poor quality content, spam, and junk not only helps your search engine provide more accurate results but improves user experience by clearing out excess noise. While search engine optimization (SEO) can take the form of both “white hat” and “black hat” techniques, our skilled evaluators have SEO and webmaster backgrounds that help differentiate the two. Our evaluators identify tactics like keyword and URL stuffing, machine-generated content, link manipulation, hidden text, cloaking and stolen content. This, in turn, provides a safer, more relevant search experience for your users.

  • Ads Evaluation

    Ads that are not relevant to what users are searching for have a significant impact on the search experience. Our in-market evaluators ensure that both the ad copy and landing pages are relevant to the query, context, and culture. This helps our clients maintain a quality experience for their users, and maximize the performance and effectiveness of campaigns for advertisers.

  • Adult Search Evaluation

    With an estimated 25% of daily search traffic relating to adult content, providing relevant and accurate search results for these areas is something not to be overlooked. Our adult search evaluations are conducted with the utmost professionalism and maturity to help provide the most relevant results for each query.

  • Auto-Fill Evaluation

    Auto-fill evaluations aim to make the suggested results more accurate so that users can quickly complete their query. This evaluation takes into account the initial characters of the query, the users’ unique search history, and the appropriateness of each suggestion to provide the most accurate auto-fill in the search bar.

  • Related Search

    As search engines and eCommerce sites aim to offer the most relevant results for a user’s search query, related items are often suggested alongside the main product. A related search evaluation identifies the relevance of each suggested product based on both the context and local market, helping you to convert more users.

  • Query Categorization

    To ensure that users get the results they’re looking for, your search engine algorithm must be trained to identify different query types such as category queries, natural language queries, informational queries and more. Our skilled internet analysts categorize the different types of queries for clients so they can pinpoint where their algorithm needs refinement.

How Appen enhanced ad relevance for a leading search engine provider


Improve maps and navigation technology with in-market
machine learning training data

Geo-Local Evaluation

Geo-local evaluation services ensure that the right local results, such as the right genre of restaurant and type of store in a given location, show up in map and navigation software with each search. With our search evaluators providing their expertise across the world, your users will continue to be engaged with your products.

Map Verification

Frequently paired with a geo-local search evaluation, map verification focuses on ensuring that navigation from point-to-point is accurate, safe, and timely. Our map and navigation evaluators are staffed in-market to offer the knowledge that only a local expert can have. Learn more about why an in-market resource is vital with our white paper, “Achieve Greater Accuracy in Map Software”.

Entity Evaluation & Correction

Entity evaluation and correction services help ensure that users see accurate business information, such as websites, hours, and contact details. Our local experts will go the distance to ensure that the right business information and geographic placement is listed for each business. Discover how we helped one global search provider verify and correct data for over 750,000 business listings in under two years.
Local Search Case Study

The essential guide to machine learning
Test your knowledge, learn about different methods, and plan your strategy

News and Social Search

Deliver trustworthy news and social media experience to users worldwide by training your algorithm with high-quality data

News Evaluation

With 24-hour news cycles, it’s vital that search engines and social media feeds keep up-to-date, relevant, and credible news information. Our global news evaluators provide contextual feedback about news results with coverage in over 130 countries and more than 180 languages.

Social Media News Feed Evaluation

Creating a compelling news feed is key to keeping your users engaged on social media. A news feed evaluation analyzes how relevant and interesting a given news feed is to a user based on factors that include their social network and preferences. This insightful data helps to provide and verify updates to the news feed ranking algorithms.

Social Search Evaluation

The search function on a social media site not only has to offer relevant personal profiles, business pages, groups, media, and even products in the results page, but it must also provide these on a basis that takes into account the user’s personal network and preferences. A social media search evaluation takes these factors into consideration and creates a more personal, user-centric search experience on social media.

Why Appen?

As industries throughout the world seek to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into their business models, key functions like search relevance still require a human touch. Appen helps you accelerate this transformation by providing globally-sourced relevant search expertise across domains that include search engines, maps, social media, and ecommerce. With our combined strength of over 1 million people across 180 diverse countries, you will quickly gain access to high volumes of in-market annotated datasets to improve, refine, and further automate your machine learning relevance algorithms.

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