Secure Services

Appen offers a suite of secure service offerings with flexible options to ensure data security.

  • Our Services

    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Image & Video Annotation
    • Content Relevance
  • Secure Onsite Facilities

    • Range of security levels, from commercial to governmental-level certifications
    • Sites in multiple geographies including United Kingdom, Philippines, United States, and Australia
    • Supporting projects with PII and other sensitive data
  • Secure Workspace

    • Comprehensive, industry-leading solution designed to ensure high levels of security for outsourced data annotation
    • Protect sensitive data for annotation in facilities or in at home environments
  • Onsite Services

    • Ensure compliance with your company’s requirements for onsite data access
    • Appen manages onboarding of staff including background checks

Why Appen?

Appen understands the complex needs of today’s organizations. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered the highest-quality linguistic data and services, in over 180 languages and dialects, to government agencies and the world’s largest corporations. Our deep linguistic expertise sets us apart in the market, helping ensure accurate data to effectively train your machine learning-based products. Work with Appen to access an experienced crowd of over 1 million people worldwide to help rapidly scale your image, video, speech, and text data collection projects.

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Appen UK Welcomes Sarah Lowe as New Vice President

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