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With access to a crowd of 1 million people in over 180 countries, combined with our experienced project managers, you can improve the accuracy of your product results for users worldwide. Our curated crowd provides the local market knowledge and the subject matter expertise needed to produce the high quality data for your machine learning algorithm.

Additional resources

AI Requires a Human Touch_Appen Crowdsourcing_Crowd Sourced Data

AI Requires a Human Touch: How Appen Recruits Crowds to Improve Technology

Kerri Reynolds, Sr. VP of Human Resources and Crowdsourcing, shares insights into crowdsourcing and crowd recruiting.

Securing resources to improve relevance score of news items in social news feed

Delivering Personalization to a Global Market [Case Study]

Consumers want more relevant content. Appen helped a company improve the personalization of its news feed and deliver to their global user base.

Quality Control Measures in Data Collection | Appen Case Study

Quality Control Measures in Data Collection Critical in Market Expansion  [Case Study]

A leading search engine provider didn’t have the expertise to expand to 25 new markets. Appen provided vendor-neutral analysts to reach their targets.


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