how to improve eCommerce conversion rates

Improve On-Site Search Conversions & Sales [Video]

Customers who can easily find what they are looking for on your eCommerce site will buy more. There is a direct correlation between the use of site search  and purchase conversion. Shoppers using site search have a 216% increase in conversion rate and a 21% increase in average order value (Source: WebLinc, Nov 2016). Optimizing site search can be a competitive advantage for eCommerce retailers.

Enterprise search is also important to organizations with high volumes of information, but many companies struggle to deliver effective search for their users. For example, three out of four users find it easier to get the information they need outside their organization than within it (Source: BA Link, Aug 2016).

How can eCommerce retailers and enterprises improve search when the size of their inventories and the volume of information continues to grow, and how can search results be made increasingly relevant?

Watch this video of a presentation made by  Kevin Vondemkamp, Appen VP of Business Development, and Grant Ingersoll, CTO at Lucidworks, as they discuss how human-annotated data solves challenges for eCommerce and enterprise companies.

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