Crowd Management

Our curated and diverse crowd facilitates your needs at scale


Crowd Management Capabilities and Crowd Offerings

We have delivered the highest quality data and services, in over 180 languages to government agencies and the world's largest corporations for over 20 years. With our best-in-class crowd management capabilities and crowd offerings, we ensure your training data meets your specific business requirements.

Our Capabilities

Our experienced team enables rapid project ramp-up, ramp-down, and flexible resourcing to support scale and quality requirements. We recruit and source custom groups of skilled annotators and match them to a customer’s specific project requirements. Specialization and certification of crowd members by demographic, skills, education, experience, and more deliver higher quality training data at scale. From finding the right candidates to qualifying and continuously assessing skills, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers have the best annotators for their AI projects.

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Crowd Options

Multiple crowd options are available to facilitate our customers’ needs to label a myriad of training data use cases at scale. This crowd includes over one million skilled annotators worldwide, operating in 130 countries, and 180 languages.

On Demand Crowd

Annotators readily available 24/7 for simple microtask annotations that don’t require a specific skill set, but can target specific languages and geo-locations (customer managed via the Appen platform)

Remote Crowd

Curated and qualified annotators based on specific customer project requirements and managed by our managed services team (including Secure Work from Home)

Secure Crowd

Specially identified and certified annotators located at one of our secure facilities (available as part of our secure service offering)

On-Site Workers

Qualified annotators are recruited to work at a customer's physical facility managed by our managed services team

Internal Customer Resources

A customer’s own internal resources leveraging our technology and managed services for data annotation projects

Secure Services

In scenarios where you are working with confidential customer information such as PII, financial, or government records, you’ll want to be sure that your data is handled in a secure environment by individuals with the appropriate security clearance. Whether you need this data to be transcribed, annotated, or translated, it is critical to work with the right partner to ensure you have the proper resources to work with sensitive data.

Our secure facilities and transcription operations, like our U.K. Exeter facility, are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified so you can rest assured your data will remain protected and quality controlled. We also hold the Cyber Essentials certification as an additional independent assurance that we have the appropriate levels of protection in place when working with secure data.

U.K. Secure Transcription Services

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