Data Collection Services

Data collection services with global coverage leveraging 20+ years of expertise


Scale Your AI Initiatives Quickly With High-Quality, Customized Data Collection

Our data collection services span a variety of data types and collection methodologies for a range of environments to best meet your unique data requirements.

We provide data collection as a standalone service as well as a part of a multi-component deliverable such as an ASR speech database that typically includes audio data, transcription, pronunciation lexicon, and a language-specific document or an annotated image dataset.

Benefits of Our Data Collection Services Include:

  • An end-to-end managed service covering collection design, large-scale field operation, data QA, and annotation with over 20 years of deep expertise
  • Truly global coverage of markets across all continents, in over 180 languages and dialects, with access to our curated crowd of over one million people
  • Sophisticated, proprietary data collection tools integrated with our industry leading data annotation platform to enable rapid scaling of collection and annotation
  • All AI training data is collected according to legal standards aligned with GDPR and other data security requirements
  • Participants are fairly compensated for the data they provide in accordance with our Fair Pay policy

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Image and Video Data Collection

Boost your data collection capabilities for machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer vision solutions


Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

Computer vision and pattern recognition solutions must be trained with thousands of images and videos to correctly interpret the nuances within these types of data. While some public image and video datasets exist, they may not be specific enough to meet your project’s unique requirements. Furthermore, this kind of public data may not exist in a large enough sample to effectively train your algorithm.

What You Get

We work closely with our clients to develop customized programs to meet each project’s unique needs. Focusing on detailed specifications, we ensure true data collection diversity for your platform, covering participant demographics, background visuals, environmental factors, and more. Large numbers of our crowd workers can be quickly recruited to meet your scale requirements, while our experienced project managers ensure quality results for every data collection project we deliver.

All data collection participants are informed about the purposes of each data collection project, sign consent forms, and are fairly compensated for their efforts in accordance with our Fair Pay policy. A unique point of difference, we built our own image and video data collection mobile app for iOS and Android, and we’ve developed an online platform for quality assurance and annotation. These proprietary tools help us more rapidly scale data collection for multiple collections with truly global coverage.


Speech Data Collection

Build better natural language processing, understanding, and automatic speech recognition solutions with human-annotated speech data in over 180 languages and dialects.


Automatic Speech Recognition

When training your automatic speech recognition (ASR) system, data quality and quantity are both critical. You need high-quality language data to ensure your system can understand and respond to human speech in a variety of environments and contexts. You also need large volumes of data to train your machine learning model effectively and produce the right degree of situation diversity and solution accuracy. It’s important to collect natural language utterances, which help train and test applications to recognize the nuances of human speech and intent.

What You Get

Our end-to-end speech data collection service delivers efficiency and quality, even when running multiple large-scale speech collection programs in parallel. Our services include natural language utterance collection through our smartphone app, as well as centralized on-site recordings in a wide range of acoustic environments (from studio to in-car). Our speech collection services cover a variety of types, including telephony, embedded device, single/multi-speaker, prompt variation, speech modality, and other resources.

Our speech data collection services offer you:

  • Detailed linguistic and cultural research
  • Script preparation and localization
  • Crowdsourcing of native speakers
  • Moderated or unsupervised recordings
  • Local and remote speech recording
  • Transcription and annotation of collected data
  • Quality assurance and project management
  • Lexicon entries matching database contents


Text Data Collection

Collect millions of high-quality text data samples to scale your solutions globally


Chatbots, Sentiment Analysis, & More

Companies developing technology for new geographic markets require experts with the ability to collect data specific to domain, language and locale. To expand to new markets, you need a partner that’s experienced in accelerating text data collection projects in a wide variety of settings, all while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Common use cases include data to train a chatbot for automated customer service and sentiment analysis to understand positive and negative comments on a brand or product.

What You Get

Our experts deliver text data collection in any field, including business listings, music titles, artist names, abbreviations and acronyms, food, transportation, computing, or geographical locations. We can collect a wide variety of natural language text data from a range of user demographics and domains.

Common use cases for this type of data include the development of software user interfaces, prompts, and grammar specifications for voice-interactive devices and automated phone systems, domain-specific lexica, and specialty word lists.