Our experience spans more than 20 years, delivering training data to the world's most innovative companies


Leverage Our Expertise to Power Your AI Initiatives

With over 20 years of expertise delivering training data for thousands of projects globally, we offer the range of services and expertise that give you the confidence to deploy your world-class AI programs at scale.

Our Team of Experts

  • Deep linguistic expertise providing services in a variety of different types of annotations/analysis
  • Global language coverage with over 180 languages in our portfolio
  • Global team offering 24-hour operations in most portfolios
  • Ability to work on both large-scale projects and highly customized products and solutions

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Project Management Experts

Our team has over 20 years of project management expertise in language related and data collection projects. Project managers are also skilled in data management and multi-component project integrations providing a complete solution to clients.


Data Scientists and Machine Learning Experts

Our data science and machine learning team is comprised of the highest caliber of senior experts with Ph.D. degrees and significant R&D industry experiences in related AI areas such as automatic speech recognition, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, human-computer-interaction, and more.

Our team is proud to be in the forefront of AI/ML academia having published research papers, holding patents in those areas, and having successfully deployed volumes of large scale AI solutions. We are experts working in the AI/ML domains of specific industries and are fully familiar with the pain points of our customers. We know how to correctly apply AI/ML technology to quickly deliver high-quality and high-volume training data to help speed up successful deployments of AI solutions in the real world.


Professional Linguists

Our team of professional linguists offer a range of services including pronunciation lexicons, automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcription, machine translation training, and more. In contrast to other companies who focus on traditional document translation, our team focuses on translating large volumes of data for training AI. Use cases include localization of speech interfaces for virtual assistants and chatbots, translation of taxonomies, and post-editing/evaluation of machine translation.

We can service over 180 languages and our strength lies in our ability to source translators in low-resource languages. Additionally, our experts offer the insight into cultural nuances that computers simply cannot, for example with slang, idioms, locations, products, and references relevant to the area, as well as different ways of expressing politeness, formality, etc., which do not always have a one-to-one correlation between languages. Our team’s linguistic skill and project management abilities ensure top quality results for our clients.


Professional Services

We are proud to offer a professional services team to help you get your AI projects up and running faster. Our team is made up of highly technical experts – all who speak the language of data scientists and have years of experience designing and managing complex data annotation jobs on the Appen platform. Our services include: custom training workshops, implementation support and platform administration, and we cater to suit any level of budget or AI familiarity so your teams can get help in the areas they need most.

Whether you just need help with solving a particularly tricky problem in your Appen job, or you’d prefer to sit back and let us do the heavy lifting of setting up and running your entire project, we’ll provide a level of service to suit your needs.

Our results have shown that customers who use professional services launch their projects in production faster and have a quicker ROI on their AI projects and programs - why not take advantage of our expertise today?