Some companies offer model evaluation, which simply checks the accuracy of the model using small scale data. However, our benchmarking process goes beyond this, looking at your ML application in its entirety to test AI system performance with real-world simulation use cases, and benchmarks your AI products against other services already in market. We can benchmark ads relevance, content relevance, search relevance, translation, audio and image transcription, eCommerce, data collection, edge cases and demographic representation.

We can provide more realistic, real world set ups to test your AI system, by introducing dynamic elements so that the testing environment more closely reflects real-world deployment environments.


Our Services


Global and local

We offer global coverage with our crowd of at least 1M+ contributors in 170+ countries speaking 235+ languages. We can quickly assemble a team to cover hundreds of regions with high quality evaluators to test and benchmark your AI products works in your target markets. Trusted by the biggest AI and technology companies for over 25 years, we are the de facto provider of human-in-the-loop services for product and technology teams.


Edge Case Testing

Unintended model bias can easily creep into your AI system despite your best efforts. We can help test edge cases and identify potential bias issues before you deploy using our global crowd. Make sure your model can account for the different languages, cultural nuances and diversity that come with servicing global markets.


Real World Simulation

We can set up real world environmental simulations based on very unique use cases and niche conditions (eg. simulating in-car driving experiences, in home environments, gaming simulations) to ensure your AI systems are properly tested out in situations that reflect real-world usage. We have years of experience and expertise with these set ups globally and can ascertain results in a fast and efficient manner.



We are proud to announce our new Voice Assistant Benchmark (VAB) initiative. We partner with top global technology companies for ad hoc TTS voice benchmarking, mean opinion scale (MOS) and MUSHRA ratings and see an opportunity to streamline, standardize and iterate the voice evaluation process, to create a true benchmark and highlight optimum Voice Assistant standards across devices and brands. 

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